2022 here we come!

2021 started with the idea of opening our first shop and ended with so much more than a store.

As I'm typing this, it is snowing outside, and the cold weather has once again returned to leave us with frostbites and the sudden urge to drink hot cocoa with marshmallows. Soon you might be able to do so in a To Decay cup because as the new year begins, we've decided to broaden our collection and add plenty of unique objects! We can not wait to show it to you!

2021 was all about making a dream become a reality. 2022 is all about exploring new materials, techniques, expanding and giving back to all of you who have fallen in love with our brand.

To Decay isn't just Andy, David and Wibke - it is also all of you who supported us throughout the past four months. And together with you, we embrace 2022; this will be a great year - let's see how it pans out!

Cheers from the store. We wish you a Happy New Year!

xx Andy


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