A letter from Andy

I can't believe it has been more than two months since we opened our flagship store in Norrköping, Sweden. It has been a goal since we started our brand back in 2017 to one day open the doors to our very own store. 

It was with excitement, a lot of nerves, and a feeling of will it work? that we welcomed our first customers to our little store on the fourth of September 2021. 

Well, it did work! 

We are glad to have met all of you who has taken the time to open that door. Walked through our store, gasped at the interior, and that so many have purchased our handmade goods. It is insane to think that our hands have created these things you now treasure within your homes, a thought that we probably never will get used to. 

To Decay was founded by David Vilhelmsson (my brother) and Wibke Loh (Best friend) back in 2017, but I joined the band soon after - and I am so glad to have teamed up with these creative people. What we have in-store today was created during the summer of 2021 - two months of hard work brought our brand from what it was to something completely different. A short journey that gave life to ideas we've been thinking of for a long time... so imagine what another six months, a year or two could do! 

I will continue to share more about us, take you behind the scenes and give you the latest updates! 

Please visit us if you haven't yet experienced our store; we are located at Gamla Rådstugugatan 30 in Norrköping, Sweden. 

With love, 

Andy - Store Manager, co-owner and designer at To Decay. 
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