F*CK we have a Journal!

F*CK we have a Journal!


Hey you,Ye-es... YOU!! - the one currently sitting behind that screen looking at this text and thinking, when the F*CK did I last read a journal someone else than a famous person wrote? Well you, Ye-es... YOU...am F*CKing happy you are - that you found me and to decay!

I'm currently sitting in my "home office" which clearly is just my kitchen in my apartment in Norrköping, Sweden - thinking to myself - the world is f*cked because of this F*CKing COVID-19 virus and the old world where hugs, social gatherings, dating, cocktails in a bar, just being in a bar or even holding your mothers/fathers hand is currently gone! It is sad, it is shocking, it is something that will take time to get used to...

So, as we have more time to do shit here in "the office", we decided to start a journal. A journal of things we Love and Hate, a way for us to let you know a tad more about what we do and invite you into the world of decaying beauty!

We are no writers and English is defiantly not our first language, but hey, I guess that's the beauty of it all... everything should not be perfect in a world where we try to find beauty in the smallest things.

And yes, I've used F*CK a lot, but it is just because I want to make you aware of our new collection F*CK. We decided to create this collection due to our love and hate of things, a way to say it out loud without having to say anything... a simple middle finger on your wall can say so much more than words. You know the old saying: a picture is worth a thousand words! So, F*CK was created... check it out here

I hope you stay tuned... we love you all! Well, if you hate gays, love Trump or think COVID-19 is Gods work to all the non-believers... WE F*CKING HATE YOU! But to all you others: stay healthy and BUY OUR SHIT!


Anders Vilhelmsson
Brand Manager