There are so many things in this world we would like to say F*ck to. So we decided to create an entire collection in order to do so. F*CK racism, F*CK homophobia, F*CK oppression, F*CK haters, F*CK you, F*CK me, F*CK us and your... just kidding, let's not go there.

Get your own F*CK today or simply give a F*CK to someone you hate or love.

some words from team to decay

I just think F*ck is the best word, it can be used in so many ways. I f*cking love you, I wanna f*ck you and I f*cking hate you... or short and sweet just F*CK. 

Anders Vilhelmsson

It is not about making a perfect replica, that to me is boring. It is about taking objects out of context and showing their beauty. Letting the material and process add what others may call imperfection. That to me is interesting and beautiful.

Wibke Loh