A Pride Night With Candy Coven was a massive success, and we would like to thank everyone that came from the bottom of our hearts.

A big massiv shout out to all the business in Knäppingsborg who helped us make this night possible: Vera Design och Interiör, Lindhs Te & Kaffe, Norins Ost, Hud och Kroppshälsan, Soja Sushi, Tinas Café och Sånt, Oas Café, Pigeon Street and Asken! (More info about them https://knappingsborg.se)

Thank you to Amanda Wahlqvist, who played the best dance tunes ever and to Pigeon Street Bar & Restaurant you guys rock!!!!

We can not wait to invite you all to our next party...

 Check out these images from the night, taken by Camilla Höög and Rikard Höög!