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A Pride Night With Candy Coven

A Pride Night With Candy Coven was a massive success, and we would like to thank everyone that came from the bottom of our hearts.

A big massiv shout out to all the business in Knäppingsborg who helped us make this night possible: Vera Design och Interiör, Lindhs Te & Kaffe, Norins Ost, Hud och Kroppshälsan, Soja Sushi, Tinas Café och Sånt, Oas Café, Pigeon Street and Asken! (More info about them

Thank you to Amanda Wahlqvist, who played the best dance tunes ever and to Pigeon Street Bar & Restaurant you guys rock!!!!

We can not wait to invite you all to our next party...

 Check out these images from the night, taken by Camilla Höög and Rikard Höög!