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Visitation Zones Cap

Sale price299 kr

As stated by Martin Melin (L), "Not everyone wearing Gucci replica caps is involved in gang crime, but many gang criminals do wear Gucci replica caps."

Oh well, enjoy this cap created in light of recent events: This comes in response to an article regarding the implementation of zones where individuals, including children, can be searched without concrete suspicion of a crime. A clothing style associated with a criminal gang may be sufficient reason to search an individual.

Made of 100% polyester with a quilted front panel for extra style and comfort. Additionally, the cap is equipped with an adjustable flap to ensure a perfect fit for all head sizes. With its durable construction, this cap is an ideal choice to complement your everyday wardrobe with both style and functionality. However, please be aware that you might appear to be a gang criminal, and it is possible that you could be searched without concrete suspicion of a crime. Well, you've kind of committed a crime by LOOKING SO DAMN GOOD!